5 Signs That It’s Time to Call Rodent Control

What starts as one or two rodents today can quickly become a dangerous infestation tomorrow. When this type of infestation occurs, it can have harmful consequences on the well-being of your home. The best way to nip this pest problem in the bud is to take swift action. As soon as you see signs of rodents, you must call professional rodent control in Daytona Beach, FL. But, what exactly do signs of rodents look like? If you don’t know that answer, it’s okay – we clarify below!


Rodents are not discrete about when or where they relieve themselves. That is bad for obvious reasons, but on the other hand, rodent droppings are one of the most obvious signs of activity in your home. These pests will commonly leave their droppings in places like the pantry, basement, crawl space, and other dark areas around your property. As soon as you suspect you’ve found rodent droppings, give your trusted Daytona Beach pest control a call right away.


Commonly, pests will build a nest in locations that are hospitable to them. Once rodents are living inside your home, they will likely build a nest somewhere in order to breed and multiply. Multiplying rodents means an even bigger infestation on your hands. If you suspect that rodents have set up shop in your home, try checking corners and other dark areas for signs of nesting, such as household fabrics and papers.

Unfamiliar Noises

Have you heard new sounds coming from the walls or ceiling of your home? It could just be your home, but if you have never heard these sounds before, then it’s more likely that you may have rodents scrounging around. Besides the sounds of claws rapping on the wall, also keep both ears open for squeaking, scurrying, and whining. Rodents are sure to make their fair share of noises, all you must do is listen.

Grimy Surfaces

When a rodent crawls across any surface, they are likely to leave behind traces of dirt, oil, and grease. As such, even if you clean your home frequently, you may notice that some surfaces are getting dirtier faster than usual. Rodents are known to drop crumbs, dirt, hair, and other debris behind them as they scurry around. If you find that your surfaces and furniture still feel grimy after cleaning, then it may be because rodents are paying them a visit.

Unusual Pet Behavior

Cats and dogs aren’t just your best friend – they’re also ace detectives! Both these animals have sensitive ears and noses, so they will likely pick up on rodent activity well before it becomes evident to humans. Keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious behavior from your household pets, such as unusual barking, meowing, or pawing. They may be trying to communicate to you that they detect something in the walls or under furniture.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, then it is imperative to call pest control services in Daytona Beach right away! Even if rodents haven’t caused any noticeable damage to your home just yet, they certainly will if the infestation goes unchecked. For all your rodent control needs, contact All Star Pest Control. We offer a 30-day guarantee that your rodent problem will be fixed, so put your trust in us to stop those pesky pests in their tracks!