Best Home Maintenance Practices to Combat Pest Infestation

How often have you found an irritating bug, rodent, or other pest in your home before promptly taking care of it? Many homeowners are quick to react to uninvited guests but fail to take proactive actions that can prevent intrusion in the first place. In fact, there are several ways to minimize conditions that appeal to pests – just read on to discover how!

Dispose of Trash in a Timely Way

When household garbage is allowed to sit, it can attract pests such as ants, roaches, and rodents. Furthermore, yard waste can attract pests that see it as a nest or food source. By removing leaf litter, plant clippings, and standing water from your yard, you are cutting down on the number of environments that pests love to call home. Plus, consider investing in trash cans with tighter-fitting lids to make sure bugs cannot smell or reach what’s inside.

Clean All Drains

Contrary to what some homeowners may believe, there is more to drains than simply dumping out fluids and forgetting about it. The fact that lays hidden just below the surface is that sink and floor drains often accumulate gunk and debris, which can provide small pests with an ideal breeding site. Fortunately, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar make an excellent homemade drain cleaner.

Store Food in Sealed Containers

Many pests, especially rodents, have an excellent sense of smell. If there is an open food container anywhere in your home, or food that is left out, then pests are sure to find it quicker than you think. If pantry foods (like cereal and crackers) can’t be fully sealed, consider storing them in reusable containers or resealable bags. Also, try cleaning out your pantry on a regular basis to get rid of any spoiled food that might attract pantry pests.

Seal All Cracks and Gaps

Doors, windows, and the entire exterior of your home may have tiny openings. Check your home for foundation cracks, loose siding, missing roof shingles, and gaps around utility lines for openings that pests can use to get inside. They are able to wiggle through the smallest openings, and potential avenues of entry may be difficult to spot with the naked eye.

Regularly Clean Your Home

Simply put, the cleaner your home, the less likely it is to attract pests. Staying up to date on household chores like vacuuming and mopping will regularly disturb areas where a pest might consider making a home. Plus, in doing so, you are sure to pick up crumbs and other debris that pests may try to feed on.

By getting into these habits for your home, you can ensure that pests look elsewhere when they need somewhere to eat or nest. However, not even the most diligent homeowners are entirely safe from pests. When critters start to poke around in your home, trust in professional Daytona pest control to terminate the problem right down to its source! All Star Pest Control is your leading choice for pest control in Daytona Beach – give us a call today to learn more about our services.