Dealing with Roach Problems? Or are they Palmetto Bugs?

Learn how to handle these invaders from the best Pest Control Service Specialists in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange Florida! Every Florida homeowner is familiar with the fear and disgust experienced, while watching TV, enjoying a meal or doing any of the countless activities that take place in the comfort of our homes, […]

Enjoy Your Daytona Summer More with These Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquitos May Be a Nuisance Living in Daytona Beach, But Are They a More Serious Problem? Every resident of Daytona, Ormond, Port Orange Florida knows that our warmer weather means fun in the sun and the constant annoyance of blood sucking mosquitoes! We’ve all experienced how these unrelenting flying pests can ruin outdoor activities, but […]

Are Daytona Homeowners Losing the Battle with Bed Bugs?

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