Enjoy Your Daytona Summer More with These Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquitos May Be a Nuisance Living in Daytona Beach, But Are They a More Serious Problem?

Every resident of Daytona, Ormond, and Port Orange Florida knows that our warmer weather means fun in the sun and the constant annoyance of blood-sucking mosquitoes! We’ve all experienced how these unrelenting flying pests can ruin outdoor activities, but they also pose a serious health risk as the carrier of several deadly diseases, including Malaria, the Zika and West Nile viruses, and many types of encephalitis, making the tiny mosquito responsible for more deaths than all other insects.

How Mosquitos Invade Your Yard and Home in Volusia County Florida

Mosquitos can breed up to 3,000 eggs within a couple of weeks in any body of standing or stagnant water around your property such as swimming pools, gutters, dog bowls, and other areas and containers like bottle caps and garbage can lids that can collect water after rainfall.  Making an effort to prevent or minimize places where stagnant water can collect on your property can have some beneficial impact on potential mosquito issues, but unfortunately, we can’t control the preventative measures our neighbors take, making effective mosquito control a year-round necessity to enjoy time outdoors here in Florida. These menacing pests can also make their way inside your home through open windows and doors, or torn screens where they hide in dark closets or under sinks during the day as they wait to come out at night and feast on our family and pets!

How to Spot a Mosquito Problem or Infestation

The most obvious signs of mosquitos come from the incessant buzzing the females make which can usually only be heard when they are flying near your face and of course, there are the bites that can be found all over from a few minutes outside when large numbers are feeding! People react to mosquito bites in a variety of ways, where some bites show up as tiny red bumps accompanied by minor itching and irritation, and others can appear as large red welts with significant swelling and inflammation that can be very painful and even require medical attention before potentially becoming a more dangerous infection.

Here in Florida, with our year-round warm and humid climate and regular rainfall, the presence of standing water provides a constant and ideal environment for mosquitos to breed and reproduce.

What Steps Can Florida Homeowners Take to Prevent Mosquitos?

Eliminate Any Areas of Stagnant or Standing Water

Mosquitoes only need an inch of water to breed and because of the large number of eggs produced by a single female, a large swarm can infest the area once these larvae mature into adults. Close inspection of your entire property followed by repeated emptying of areas where standing water collects will reduce the opportunity for mosquitos to breed and minimize future infestations.

Use Effective Mosquito Repellants

Wearing light-colored clothing and using essential oils directly on your skin, or in small bowls or dishes, such as eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, and even soybean oil are among the natural methods for preventing mosquito bites. Citronella candles are a popular solution, but most people find their protection is limited to the immediate area closely surrounding the smoke produced by the candle. The best results are usually produced by combining a powerful insect repellant spray or lotion with DEET with diligent preventive measures and a mosquito control program.

Keep Your Property and Landscaping Maintained

When they’re not searching for food or breeding mosquitos like to rest and hide in areas void of light like those found inside overgrown shrubs and bushes and tall grass, so keeping your shrubs manicured and trimmed back while regularly mowing your yard helps to prevent mosquitos resting areas making your property less appealing.  Removing clutter such as piles of wood and other items that add clutter to your yard like gardening tools or toys can also help reduce the probability of future infestations.

Let Our Experts Design a Mosquito Control & Prevention Program For Your Home

After scheduling a free consultation with one of our AllStar Pest Control specialists, our professional team will leverage their knowledge, experience, and training with the advanced tools and technology from the In2care system to develop a customized treatment plan using to protect your home and family.

“Our latest methods to control mosquitoes are very effective require no harmful chemical sprays and use the female mosquito biology against her in a brilliant way to provide you maximum control so you can enjoy your outdoor activities. And best of all, it’s affordable!” Matt Conrad, General Manager of AllStar Pest Control.

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