Learn How Each Season of the Year Impacts Pest Patterns

Pests are always looking for a safe place to live, or a dependable source of food. Often, that is the reason why we stumble upon uninvited guests in our own homes. These creatures are influenced by the seasons, so the different threats they pose shift as the weather changes. Pest protection starts with knowledge and awareness of seasonal pest patterns so that you can be prepared for whatever may come knocking (or crawling), no matter which month it is. Fortunately, your leading Ormond Beach pest control has broken down pest behavior by season – just read on to learn more!


Each year, the spring season is more than just the advent of blooming flowers and warmer weather. It also heralds the awakening and mating of insects that typically hibernate during winter. During this time of year, bees and wasps awaken, termites begin to swarm to wood, and ants may seek shelter from the rain in your home. There is some good news to be shared, however. Most pests will prefer to spend their time outside in search of food and mates, though some may still seek shelter from predators indoors.


In Florida, summer is often the rainiest time of year. In addition to leaving standing water all around, there are also oppressive levels of humidity. Both these factors make summer the ideal time of year for mosquitoes to swarm outside, searching for unfortunate victims. In addition to mosquitoes, ticks, bees, and wasps also come out to play during the summer. Bees and wasps may try building homes beneath overhangs or in the ground near the foundation of your home, which can make it harder to get outside and enjoy the famous Florida weather.


During fall, many pests start to prepare for the inevitable winter. Shelter and warmth are a priority to them, and they will try getting into your home to stay safe. As such, it is common for smaller critters like spiders, lady bugs, and boxelder bugs to migrate into the cracks and crevices of your home. Unfortunately, larger pests may also try getting inside, including rats and mice. You can save yourself a call to professional Ormond Beach rodent removal in the future by checking for cracks, crevices, and gaps in your foundation today.


As temperatures continue to drop, pests will continue to seek out sanctuary like their life depends on it. In this case, it does – some critters will die if it gets too cold. Wintry weather forces insects to hibernate or seek shelter wherever they can to conserve energy and avoid harmful climates, such as in logs, trees, or nesting sites. It is important to make sure your home is protected against pest infestations before winter is upon us, otherwise you may find yourself with plenty of guests who can’t live outside anymore.

When you are educated on seasonal patterns of pests, it becomes much easier to deter any unwanted guests from entering your home. No matter which season it is, there are likely pests in your local area who would benefit from sharing your living space with you. Stop them in their tracks by giving All Star Pest Control a call today! We offer a wide array of pest control services in Ormond Beach, FL to help your efforts in keeping all pests outside where they belong.