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Make the Most of Your Outdoor BBQs with These 7 Tips

Are you tired of your beloved outdoor barbecues getting ruined by pests? Huddling around an open grill is great with friends and family, but not so much when insects crash the party. Follow these 7 tips to fight back against unwanted pest invasions so you can reclaim your outdoor space this fall! Drain Standing Water […]

Best Home Maintenance Practices to Combat Pest Infestation

How often have you found an irritating bug, rodent, or other pest in your home before promptly taking care of it? Many homeowners are quick to react to uninvited guests but fail to take proactive actions that can prevent intrusion in the first place. In fact, there are several ways to minimize conditions that appeal […]

5 Signs That It’s Time to Call Rodent Control

What starts as one or two rodents today can quickly become a dangerous infestation tomorrow. When this type of infestation occurs, it can have harmful consequences on the well-being of your home. The best way to nip this pest problem in the bud is to take swift action. As soon as you see signs of […]

Your Comprehensive Guide on Mosquito Season

Florida certainly is a beautiful place to live for residents and a dreamy destination for guests. The ocean is within close proximity to most sides of the state, gorgeous rivers and lakes abound, and there is no shortage of sunshine. What ruins a day of exploring Florida’s many natural amenities more than uninvited pests – […]

Learn How Each Season of the Year Impacts Pest Patterns

Pests are always looking for a safe place to live, or a dependable source of food. Often, that is the reason why we stumble upon uninvited guests in our own homes. These creatures are influenced by the seasons, so the different threats they pose shift as the weather changes. Pest protection starts with knowledge and […]

Can Pests Hurt Your Lawn? We’ve Got Your Answer

A healthy yard promises years of outdoor entertainment and everlasting curb appeal – but it doesn’t come without a cost. Besides regular maintenance and upkeep, it’s also worth noting that your yard is at a constant risk of damage from pests. These pesky guests can turn your green yard brown and even cause it to […]

What Hurricane Season Means for Pest Control in Daytona Beach

It’s no coincidence that pest problems in Florida reach their peak during the summer and extend into the fall. After all, this timeframe directly coincides with hurricane season, which starts on June 1st and ends in November. Hurricanes don’t just impact us humans – it also affects animals, insects, and pests. Besides stocking up on drinking […]

6 Reasons to Avoid DIY and Hire Professional Pest Control

As soon as you see a mouse, cockroach, or bed bug, it’s natural to want it gone right away! DIY methods may entice those who think this approach is faster, cheaper, and just as effective as professional Daytona Beach FL pest control services. The unfortunate truth is that many DIY Daytona pest control solutions are […]

Rodent Control and Removal Services in Daytona Beach Florida

Along with the cooler weather that has moved into Volusia County as we enter fall and winter of 2020, rodents like mice and rats look to escape the cold by trying to invade our homes. Preventing destructive rats and mice from entering your property where they contaminate any area with droppings and urination which can […]

Dealing with Roach Problems? Or are they Palmetto Bugs?

Learn how to handle these invaders from the best Pest Control Service Specialists in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange Florida! Every Florida homeowner is familiar with the fear and disgust experienced, while watching TV, enjoying a meal or doing any of the countless activities that take place in the comfort of our homes, […]