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Cockroach Services in Daytona & Ormond Beach Florida

Anyone who lives anywhere in Florida knows that keeping cockroaches or palmetto bugs out of your home is a constant challenge.  These creepy creatures are remarkably capable of infiltrating homes, apartments, condo’s, businesses and other structures like work sheds and even boats and if there’s one, you can almost guarantee there are others crawling around!

If you’re having problems with cockroaches or other unwanted pests contact All Star Pest Control now and we’ll schedule a free inspection to help solve the issue!

Tips to Stop Cockroaches from Invading

Don’t leave dirty dishes or food on counter tops or tables

Store pet food in pet safe, sealable containers

Seal cracks and openings outside your home or business

Replace aged or damaged weather stripping

Ensure screens, attic and chimney vents are properly installed

Take out your garbage on a frequent and regular basis

Store items in your pantry or cupboards in plastic containers with lids that seal tight

Ant Control & Prevention Services

Nearly 70 different species of ants are found across Florida with many types that can cause damage to homes and businesses in Daytona Beach and the entire Volusia County area. Out pest control experts are specialized in identifying the type of ants at issue and customizing a treatment plan to solve the problem.

Specializing in the treatment of the following ants:

• Carpenter Ants

• Fire Ants

• Ghost Ants

• Pharaoh Ants

• White-Footed Ants

• Crazy Ants

Helpful Tips to Keep Ants Out of Your Home or Business

Seal any small cracks/crevices around the exterior of your home

Keep yards free of trash and leaf piles

Clean gutters frequently

Keep trees trimmed and away from your home

Flea & Tick Prevention Services

Here in warm and sunny Florida, we’re constantly faced with the challenge of flea infestations, which are one of the most difficult pest problems to control and treat. These tenacious and incredibly agile (able to jump more than 130 times their own height!) parasites thrive in our warm, humid climate here in the Daytona and Volusia County area and while these insidious creatures are more than happy to bite humans, the serious danger and unbearable discomfort and incessant irritation they cause our furry loved ones make them the single most problematic pest for dogs, cats and other pets.

Flea Problems Are Common in Florida

Despite the short lifespan of fleas (30-90 days) our year-round high temperatures here in Florida make it the perfect breeding ground for fleas and ticks which creates a dual threat as they live and breed in both exterior and interior environments. Fleas feed on the blood of any warm-blooded body and can be carried into your home by your pets, or from catching a ride on your clothing like shoes, or pant legs and can even be transferred from place to place on towels or blankets and once they invade your home they burrow in carpets and rugs, furniture and cracks and crevices.

Why Flea’s Are So Dangerous to Your Health!

Flea bites cause painful and itchy red blisters and their saliva and debris can cause serious allergic reactions and skin problems in pets and humans. Fleas infect pets with tapeworms and anemia and they carry and spread multiple types of diseases like typhus, cat scratch fever and they can even transmit Bubonic Plague.

Guaranteed Flea Treatment in Daytona Beach Florida

It’s important to make sure that all fleas and eggs are killed in any effective treatment regimen and we use the most effective products available to ensure we get rid of fleas fast, both inside and outside with an exterior lawn spray treatment.

All Star Pest Control offers a 30-day flea-free service guarantee covering the inside of the home and we return to check your home 2 weeks after our initial flea treatment services to make sure your flea issues are fixed! 

Spider Control Services

Despite the fact that most spiders in our local area here in Florida are harmless and only bite people or pets out of fear for their own safety, many people are deathly afraid of spiders. Spider infestations are usually an indication that other pest issues are also present, so it’s important to keep them out of your home or business.

There are close to 70 different species of spiders in Florida. Widows and recluses may be the only spiders to pose a threat to humans or pets, but it can be very difficult to identify spiders making removal a dangerous do-it-yourself project for homeowners.  When you decide to contact All Star Pest Control for your spider treatment services our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home or business to find and remove these unwanted pests.

No matter the size of your spider problem our individual treatment solutions will effectively control the outbreak and ensure your infestation is resolved.

Tips to prevent spiders from sharing your home!

Clean, dust and vacuum regularly including hard to reach and hidden areas

Seal cracks, gaps and openings around windows, doors and pipes

Remove all visible spider webs

Make sure attic and crawlspace areas are moisture free and well ventilated

Remove yard waste and clutter, garbage or compost bags and firewood stacks

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