Rodent Control and Other Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home This Season

It seems like every season brings its own annoying pests that you need to keep out of your home. In the summer, it’s insects, like mosquitos, while in the winter, it’s rodents. Rodents can be even more challenging than insects because these pests are larger and more troublesome to remove. 

These creatures often seek out food and a shelter to stay warm in. Unfortunately, they bring bacteria into your home and cause damage. Rodents typically require professional pest control services, but there are some things you can do to help keep these pests outside.  

Keep Food Sealed and Countertops Clean 

By keeping your food sealed and countertops clean, you won’t provide anything for hungry rodents to feast upon. 

Monitor your countertops for signs of crumbs and other food residues. Don’t forget to check under the counters, in the fridge, and around other appliances, like the microwave! 

Keeping all of your food in sealed containers eliminates easy access. Don’t forget about your pet food, either, as this can be an attractive meal for a pest!

Seal Potential Points of Entry 

Rodents aren’t likely to run in through the front door, so it’s important to close off any area that gives them access to your home. Remember that mice and rats can squeeze through even the smallest openings. 

A good rule of thumb is to close off any hole that is bigger than ¼ inch to prevent a rodent from coming in.   

Examine your window screens for any tears and have them fixed. Cracks in the walls or foundation should be repaired with a wire mesh. 

Don’t forget to check where pipes enter your home, too. These gaps also need to be filled with mesh and caulk. Finally, rodents can climb, too, so if your home has a chimney, add a cap. 

Eliminate Clutter for Pest Control 

Rodents love to hide out in places with a lot of clutter. They especially love the areas in your home without a lot of foot traffic, like basements, attics, and garages. 

Cleaning up these areas makes them less inviting to your rodent visitors. 

Start by removing old magazines and other junk that takes up space. Remove piles of laundry from the floor, clusters of boxes, and any other stacks that may be enticing. Keep all possible items organized, stored, and off the ground. 

Maintain Your Landscaping

Before the weather gets too cold, perform any necessary yard work. Keeping up with lawn maintenance will reduce the number of places close to your home where rodents can hide. Low hanging branches also provide easy access to your roof or attic.  

Call a Professional for Rodent Control in Port Orange

Nobody wants an uninvited guest living in their home! However, when you’re prepared for the season, you can keep these critters from finding their way in. 

If you have noticed signs of an infestation, reach out to a trustworthy pest control service right away.