Rodent Control and Removal Services in Daytona Beach Florida

Along with the cooler weather that has moved into Volusia County as we enter fall and winter of 2020, rodents like mice and rats look to escape the cold by trying to invade our homes. Preventing destructive rats and mice from entering your property where they contaminate any area with droppings and urination which can cause disease is important to keeping your family healthy and safe. Rats and mice can cause significant damage to your home or business, as well as the contents within, by chewing through drywall, insulation and wiring creating a fire hazard.

The rodent extermination specialists at All Star Pest Control are experienced experts at removing and preventing the specific types of rats and mice we face here in the Daytona area from gaining access to your property. Our team starts with a thorough inspection of your property so we can develop a plan of action to eliminate your rodent problem for good. Our Daytona Beach rodent control services are fast and affordable, delivering unmatched results.

How rat infestations can get out of control fast!

Rodents like rats and mice can enter through the tiniest holes or openings in your property and once they’re in, they multiply incredibly quickly. A single female rodent can reproduce 50-60 times a year, making rat removal incredibly challenging and difficult. To avoid suffering from a rodent infestation in your Daytona home contact our rodent control specialists as soon as you suspect rats or mice have entered your property and we will conduct for a free estimate to take immediate care of all existing issues and help eliminate future problems.

Effective Rodent Prevention Service in Daytona, Ormond & Port Orange

Keeping rats and mice from entering your home in the first place is the most cost-effective way to stop a future rodent infestation.  The following are helpful tips from the experts at All Star Pest Control on how to properly protect your home from rats and mice. These tips can also help keep many other types of pests out of your Volusia County home or business.

  • Remove easy and obvious access paths – cut back and trim tree limbs, branches and shrubs or other landscaping close to or touching your property.
  • Keep all trash bins and garbage cans or bags outside your house and make sure the lids are closed securely.
  • Remove inviting nesting areas like overgrown landscaping and firewood or yard debris piles where rats and mice like to hide
  • Seal and patch all cracks or holes on your house and fill any openings or gaps around your windows, doors and vents.
  • Always keep outdoor pet bowls clean and avoid installing bird feeders close to your house. Store all food in tightly sealed containers and keep cabinets and countertops clean and free from crumbs.  

Do You Need Professional Rodent Control Services?

It’s bad enough to come face to face with a rat or mouse in your in Daytona, Ormond or New Smyrna Beach home, but you may not actually see these destructive creatures until you have a full-blown infestation. Review this list of tell-tale signs that can alert you to a dangerous and unhealthy rodent problem.

  • Rat droppings – rat or mouse droppings is one of the primary signs you’re living with rodents! The greater number of droppings often signifies multiple rodents
  • Chewed wires or holes – rats and mice like to chew on or through various items and material found in our homes like electrical wiring and drywall causing serious damage
  • Rodent Trails or Pathways – rats and mice can leave oily stains on walls, baseboards, ledges, and pipes where they’ve been scurrying back and forth in search of food
  • Strange Smell or Odor – rat and mouse droppings and urine have a strong and distinct odor many people will notice
  • Chewed or matted insulation – rats and mice like to nest in insulation found in attics, crawl spaces and inside walls.
  • Nest or bedding areas – tiny piles or mounds of chewed and shredded materials like drywall, insulation and even paper or cardboard from boxes are signs of a rodent nest
  • Scratching and scurrying Noises – rodents are most active at night so homeowners will often hear them running throughout the dark or hidden areas within your home (inside walls and attic areas)

Fast, Affordable Rat & Mouse Removal, Extermination & Prevention Services

Having any number of rats or mice in your home or business can pose serious health and safety issues. Rodents can spread disease, infecting humans with Salmonella, Lyme disease and Hantavirus from direct and indirect contact from droppings and urine, or suffering a bite from a rat or mouse, or from infected fleas and ticks that live on rodents. Rodents can also cause significant property damage by chewing through expensive and difficult to replace ducting and insulation, wood beams and electrical wiring behind walls or concealed within your attic. The destruction caused by rats and mice can create a potential fire hazard that could pose a threat to your family and home, so it’s always wise to take any evidence rats or mice may be in your home very seriously and call in a professional immediately.

The rodent control experts at All Star Pest Control will take care to conduct a complete inspection of your home to identify where existing rodents are nesting and where they can enter your home. Our licensed and trained rodent technicians will develop a customized control plan following strict guidelines to ensure any rodenticide is applied safely to capture and eliminate your rodent problem.

To ensure your home or business receives the best rodent control and prevention services available anywhere in Daytona, Ormond, Port Orange, and New Smyrna Beach Florida contact the team at All Star Pest Control and we’ll customize an affordable solution to solve your needs!