Surprising Places Where Bugs May Hide in Port Orange Homes

Are you worried that there are bugs crawling around your home, but you can’t quite find them? You might not be paranoid after all. In fact, bugs can hide in some very peculiar spaces around the home that only pest control companies would know to search. Here are some of the strangest places you might find bugs in your home.

In the Seams of Mattresses and Furniture

The most notable and preferred hiding place for many bugs is in any item that has a seam. This includes things like your mattress, couches, and loveseats. These are soft, warm, dark spaces where bugs can tuck themselves away when they aren’t feeding. If you suspect you have an infestation, start looking between the cushions and you might find some little intruders. If you do, it’s time to call pest extermination services so you can sit down comfortably again.

Curtain Folds

Curtains offer a nice, plush surface that’s easy to climb for many bugs. Strangely enough, curtain folds can be a favorite for bed bugs that weren’t lucky enough to score a spot on the bed itself. You might not think about regularly washing your curtains, but this is a really good reason to start!

Dresser Drawer Joints

When creatures like bed bugs can’t find a comfortably close spot near their host, they’ll look for suitably dark and soft spaces to hide in. Your drawers tend to be the perfect spot. Not only will they climb into your clothes and other textiles, but they’ll also squeeze into the joints of your dresser drawers, too.

Electrical Receptacles

Outlets and light switches may as well be the modern bug’s cave system. Electrical receptacles are easy enough to scurry in and out of and provide a dark, warm space to nest in. What more could a bug ask for? If you spot bugs in your electrical receptacles, the best thing you can do is call pest control in Port Orange. You don’t want to let those bugs burn your house down.

Loose Wallpaper

If you have any loose wallpaper around the house, it might just be the local hotel for an infestation. All sorts of nightcrawlers and critters can work their way behind loose wallpaper and use it for shelter. 


Has your laptop been behaving strangely recently? Has your gaming console picked up a habit of overheating? It could be because they’re full of bugs. While it’s a relatively rare occurrence, electronic devices like computers and gaming consoles can play host to small infestations. This will interfere with the performance of your devices.


Books are a favorite hideaway for many different kinds of bugs. Some bugs eat the pages, while others like to tuck themselves away behind the cover for safety. The wood pulp that makes up book pages is especially attractive to termites, carpenter ants, and woodboring beetles. 


Your first thought when thinking about dishwashers might be that it is a clean space. After all, they were designed to wash and clean your dishes. Unfortunately, bugs can climb in through the back of the dishwasher in an attempt to get to the moisture and condensation inside. After getting a drink, they’ll turn to the scraps washed from your dishes for a snack. If you suspect there are bugs in your dishwasher, it’s best that you call pest control in Port Orange as soon as you can so you can safely use your dishwasher again.

If you suspect that you have an infestation, don’t go snooping around in these locations without a plan of attack. Port Orange pest control experts can not only search these surprising spots but also treat them with the proper chemicals to prevent pest activity.