What Hurricane Season Means for Pest Control in Daytona Beach

It’s no coincidence that pest problems in Florida reach their peak during the summer and extend into the fall. After all, this timeframe directly coincides with hurricane season, which starts on June 1st and ends in November. Hurricanes don’t just impact us humans – it also affects animals, insects, and pests. Besides stocking up on drinking water and nonperishables ahead of the season’s first storm, read on to learn why you may also need to invest in Daytona pest control.

Inspect Your Home for Possible Hiding Places

When storms come, pests will seek out places to keep them safe. This may include the corners and crevices of your own home! Before the next hurricane makes landfall, take these simple steps to reduce the amount of places that pests can call home:

  • Check your home for any structural problems that could worsen from heavy rain and high winds.
  • Make sure gutter lines are clear.
  • Get rid of piles of wood or debris that are close to your home’s foundation.

Drain All Standing Water

Mosquitoes love standing water because it’s where they do their breeding. Of course, standing water is found in great abundance after every hurricane due to the vast rainfall that occurs. Before the storm hits, consider flipping all your outdoor containers upside down so that they can’t hold rainwater and give mosquitoes a place to breed after the storm. All they need is a half inch of standing water so look at your gutters, flowerpots, and more, or else you may need to call Daytona Beach mosquito control after the next hurricane.

Dispose of Kitchen Garbage

Let it be said that pests are opportunistic creatures. They are known to take advantage of any spoiled food they can get to. If power goes out during or after a hurricane, then perishable food is likely to go bad (unless you have a generator or power comes back quickly). Be sure to dispose of all your waste before a storm. Do the same thing afterwards, as well. If waste can’t be picked up promptly, keep it in sealed garbage cans well away from your home.

Beware Displaced Critters

We have more in common with animals than you may realize. During a storm, animals will seek higher and dryer ground to stay out of harm’s way. This means that animals like rats, mice, and even snakes can end up in safer places like your garage, attic, or crawlspace. Inspect your home for points of entry before the next hurricane hits and seal up every crack, hole, and crevice you can find, or else you may happen upon an infestation that requires Daytona Beach critter control after the storm has passed.

Hurricane season puts animals and insects at risk just as much as it does humans. Just like us, they are only looking for somewhere to stay safe and dry when major storms pass through. Don’t let your home be the next pest infested hot spot after a hurricane! Call All Star Pest Control, your leading Daytona Beach FL pest control services. Our affordable Daytona FL pest control will keep your family and your home protected from pests year-round so that you can focus on what matters.