Your Comprehensive Guide on Mosquito Season

Florida certainly is a beautiful place to live for residents and a dreamy destination for guests. The ocean is within close proximity to most sides of the state, gorgeous rivers and lakes abound, and there is no shortage of sunshine. What ruins a day of exploring Florida’s many natural amenities more than uninvited pests – especially mosquitoes? These annoying critters love the great outdoors just as much as we do, so understanding their peak season is key to making the most of our state’s attractions! Continue reading to learn more.

When is Mosquito Season in Florida?

The main factor that determines whether or not you’ll find mosquitoes outside is temperature. They prefer warmer weather and only disappear once temperatures drop consistently below 50 degrees. As we know in Florida, this isn’t the case very often, so mosquitoes are unfortunately a year-round nuisance much of the time. Below, we provide a few more facts about when mosquito season takes place here:

  • The desirable temperature for mosquito hatching is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. As winter transitions to spring, this is the temperature point at which eggs will hatch and mosquitoes will become more active.
  • The warmer, the better. As such, mosquitoes will swarm in droves starting in February and continue throughout the year.
  • Peak season is in the summer. Mosquitoes thrive on the humidity and standing water that is so easily found in Florida, especially during summer.

Where Can You Find Mosquitoes in Florida?

There are some common factors that attract mosquitoes – some of which may even exist in your own backyard. That’s why these insects can be so troublesome no matter if you’re hiking through the woods or simply enjoying your patio. Mosquitoes look for shaded and wet places to lay their eggs, so a puddle or water fountain outside is all they need. Plus, when there’s more rain, it’s easier for mosquitoes to lay eggs in greater quantities. In order to survive mosquito season, it’s important to make your home as inhospitable to them as possible.

How Can You Survive Mosquito Season?

This is the easiest answer of all! Dealing with mosquitos throughout all months of the calendar can be tiresome for Florida residents. However, Ormond Beach mosquito control experts have just the thing to help! Pest control services in Ormond Beach, FL can inspect your property to locate and eliminate any prospective breeding spots. Plus, any existing eggs can be stopped from hatching with larvicide. If you’ve been fighting with mosquitoes this year, then trust in Ormond Beach pest control experts to curb the existing population and ensure that they don’t return!

At All Star Pest Control, we understand that mosquitoes are a menace. Going outside in Florida might feel a little troublesome when we are encumbered with insect bites each time we step outside. Your home should be safe, both inside and out, and we offer every service you need to make sure that pests stay far away. Give All Star Pest Control a call today to learn more about our leading pest control services for homes in Ormond Beach, Florida, including mosquito control!