Can Pests Hurt Your Lawn? We’ve Got Your Answer

A healthy yard promises years of outdoor entertainment and everlasting curb appeal – but it doesn’t come without a cost. Besides regular maintenance and upkeep, it’s also worth noting that your yard is at a constant risk of damage from pests. These pesky guests can turn your green yard brown and even cause it to die, ruining what should be a paradise for friends and family. Learn more about the dangerous pests that might be hurting your lawn before reaching out to your friendly Ormond Beach pest control experts!

Chewing and Sucking Insects

Less than one percent of insects are considered harmful to humans, though a much greater percentage than that are liable to harm your lawn. All it takes is one species of insect to cause irreparable damage to the yard when left unattended. Some examples include:

  • When insects like Japanese Beetles chew on plants, they suck away vital fluids and cause them to die.
  • On the contrary, some insects like aphids can cause plants to turn a sickly green or yellow and impede their growth. The most common sign of this damage is holes in leaves.
  • Grubs feed on grass roots from just below the surface, which harms the turf.


Ant farms and nests can prove to be detrimental to your lawn, especially if it is already suffering from other infestations. Apart from being unsightly, these ant gatherings can also harm your lawn in different ways. For example, larger infestations can spread throughout your yard and leave brown patches behind. If you happen to catch these dutiful insects scurrying across the surface, be wary that you may need the expert assistance of Ormond Beach pest control services.

Moles, Voles, and Gophers

The pests that may inhabit and damage your lawn aren’t restricted to little insects like ants and aphids. In fact, you may encounter much larger problems than that – literally! Moles, voles, and gophers are all burrowing invaders that turn up your turf with hideous tunnels and holes in their quest to feed on earthworms, grubs, and other insects. Don’t let these critters run rampant – rely on Ormond Beach critter control to protect your lawn!


That’s right – these cute animals may be charming, but the consequences of their visitations to your yard are anything but adorable. With an appetite for lawn grass, they may wander to greener pastures and find a snack in your yard. Grass that has been chewed down to its crown or brown spots (resulting from a rabbit’s waste) may indicate that you have a hoppy, unwanted guest in your yard.

Have you found any traces of these pests or critters in your lawn? Don’t keep waiting to call pest control companies in Ormond Beach or else your plants will suffer. Give All Star Pest Control a call today – we know how to protect your lawn and shrubs from dangerous insects and pests! Our affordable pest control services in Ormond Beach FL keep your property safe so that you can enjoy your home as much as possible.